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Not all accounting consulting firms are created equal. ROARK's accounting and finance experts bring industry-specific experience and insights to help your business win the day, as well as offer consultative search services that position your business for success.


Solid accounting and financial strategies are the lifeblood of a manufacturing business. From inventory valuation to the cost of goods sold, efficiency is the key to profitability. ROARK accounting and finance experts will help you make sure that your business is running smoothly—and that your profits are healthy.


There are a lot of moving parts in the distribution business. Your financials need to move as swiftly and constantly as your product does. Whether you're looking to add a new product line, expand to a new market or simply optimize your existing process, ROARK will help you succeed.


In retail, margins are king—but there are a lot of factors at play. To remain profitable—or become more profitable—your accounting and financials must be spot on. That's where ROARK comes in. Our accounting and finance professionals have years of experience helping retail companies sustain and grow their success.


Accounting in the construction business requires specific principles and standards. With no fixed location of business and a litany of variables at play in every job, keeping your books straight requires true experts with industry knowledge. ROARK helps you build a better business. ROARK will help you work through WIP schedules, cash flow, union and certified payroll, and anything else you need to build you business the right way.


Private equity firms face high stakes every day, and balancing risk while increasing enterprise value is the name of the game. ROARK has worked with a number of private equity firms to evaluate and manage accounting and finance activities at their portfolio companies to great success. Our accounting and finance professionals help with everything from staffing and systems to audits and compliance – and our hands-on approach gives you confidence before, during, and after the transaction.


E-commerce and multi-level marketing accounting can be incredibly complex. From inventory management to a variety of sales tax rates across different states, staying on top of the numbers is imperative to success. ROARK will help get your numbers in order, so you can concentrate on selling.


There are unique and specific best practices for accounting in the hospitality industry. ROARK will help you navigate hospitality accounting best practices so you can set the table for business success.


Whether you're a tech entrepreneur or handling finance for a large tech company, your accounting can and should financially optimize your company for the present and the future. ROARK accounting and finance professionals know the tech industry—and can help you navigate equity issues, special accounting rules for revenue recognition, and the capitalization of software costs.

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