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Make an Impact—And Grow Your Career

At ROARK, careers in accounting and finance thrive. Whether you're a career consultant looking to make an impact on clients' business, an accounting and finance executive looking for an interim or full time position, or want to work in-house as part of the ROARK team, we offer opportunities for growth in an environment where your skills and expertise will be valued.

"Our purpose is to improve the health, happiness and financial success of everyone we touch."

Your Success Is Our Passion

We thrive on helping our employees, clients, consultants, and partners succeed. At ROARK, you will:

Be Challenged

You'll put your skills to work where they are most needed, and find challenging projects worthy of your experience.

Enhance Your Knowledge

Working alongside a team of unique and highly-skilled professionals, you'll learn new tactics and strategies that will grow your knowledge base.

Grow Your Career

You'll help solve complex issues for clients that enhance your experience, knowledge and reputation.

Build Relationships

You'll join a vast network of true accounting and finance professionals, building personal and professional relationships that help expand your impact.

Be Respected

We put a high value on talented professionals because we know the impact they have on our clients and our team.

Feel at Home

At ROARK, we care for each other like a family. We bring both passion and compassion to our work and lives. At ROARK, you'll always feel at home.

Our Culture

At ROARK, we say what we mean and we do what we say. Working at ROARK is like running a small business. There will be long days and incredible challenges, but you will contribute to something that is larger than yourself. We bring the hustle, grit, and passion to everything we do. Every ROARK employee is expected to take ownership of their job and constantly work to improve themselves both personally and professionally.  Our values are what unify us and allow us to make the impact that we do. They are crucial to our mission to bring businesses together with the professionals and resources that allow them to overcome their toughest challenges and accomplish great things.

If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, join our team of professionals today.



We perform to our maximum capability to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. We are committed to continuous learning and improvement, searching for new and innovative ways to serve our clients, grow our company, and learn from each other.


We are passionate about building relationships that make a positive impact. We are empathetic, and care for Clients, Professionals, Strategic Partners, and Internal Staff. We deliver results with a servant’s heart and focus on adding value to everyone we touch.


We do everything with integrity and honesty. We make business decisions focused on long-term results and do not sacrifice our values for short-term gains, even when no one is watching.


We win as a team or we learn as a team. We collaborate, support each other, and share responsibility to create win-win-win scenarios. We grow and adapt together and hold each other responsible to a standard of peak performance.


We use good judgement and demonstrate respect and humility in all that we do.


We preserve and are resilient, even in the most challenging of situations. We are innovative, resourceful and flexible in overcoming obstacles to deliver outstanding results.

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