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A successful ERP implementation requires a fool-proof process. That's exactly what our ERP implementation consultants deliver.

An ERP Implementation Is a Full-Time Job

Every successful ERP implementation shares something in common: businesses who put the time and resources towards the implementation are usually successful—and those that don’t, aren’t. It is essentially a full-time job, and companies rarely have the additional resources to devote to such an undertaking. That’s where ROARK comes in.

ROARK’s ERP implementation consultants ensure that you have the internal resources and the expertise to launch a successful ERP, and act as a liaison between your company and your ERP vendor to ensure that all requirements are in order—and that your project moves forward, faster. We take the burden off of your accounting staff to eliminate burnout, reduce the hard costs of overages, and most importantly, protect the soft costs of your customer, employee, and vendor relations, your most critical asset.

Training and Support That Ensure Success

Even if you have the right requirements and the right design, adoption of the new ERP system by your employees is imperative. When they don’t, frustration sets in—and your launch is in danger of failure.

Paying your ERP vendor to conduct extensive training can balloon your costs without guaranteeing success. ROARK’s ERP implementation consultants  will create intuitive documentation and lend expert support to ensure that the system is widely adopted—and highly successful.

Your ERP system should be designed to improve your business processes, not impede them. Our team will ensure that you have have the resources, expertise and time to launch a successful implementation.

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